Last of peanut butter escape inmates recaptured in Florida


WALKER COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Authorities went on a two-day hunt for an inmate who used peanut butter to escape from the Walker County Jail on Sunday.

Brady Kilpatrick, along with 11 other inmates, tricked a young jailer to open a door leading to the outside by using peanut butter to change the door number. By Monday, deputies had recaptured 11 of the 12 inmates.

Authorities captured 24-year-old Kilpatrick on Tuesday in Tequesta, Florida. Officials say he was driven to Florida by his 18-year-old half-sister Jensen Lefan and her 24-year-old boyfriend Hayden Mayberry. All three are being extradited back to Alabama.

Kilpatrick’s mother told CBS 42 that she received a phone call from her son shortly after he escaped, but she had no idea about his plans. Kilpatrick was in jail for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and second-degree possession of marijuana.

The incident with the Walker County jailer who opened the door will be handled internally.

Jailbreak: Inmates used peanut butter to fool guard