Gun shot noises from shooting range concerning to residents

The Granby gun club is home to the only 1,000 yard rifle range in New England

GRANBY, Mass. (WWLP) – Some residents in two different communities are complaining about the noise from a nearby shooting range.

The gun range expanded about a year ago, and now they hear gunshots every single day. Granby and Belchertown residents think the Granby Bow and Gun Club could be better neighbors.

The Chicopee Street gun range expanded about a year ago and they removed trees that dampened noise and provided a barrier for bullets.

“They a have targets set up where they were near the border of someone else’s land and where if they missed, it would go onto his land,” Robin LaBorde of Granby said.

Neighbors are concerned about safety, noise levels, and possible lead contamination of the water table.

“We’ve been trying to get answers from the state, but so far, it’s been a struggle,” LaBorde said.

The Granby gun club is home to the only 1,000 yard rifle range in New England.

A man who has lived in this neighborhood for more than 5 decades told 22News only recently has the noise from the gun club become unbearable. He said you can hear gunshots from sun up to sun down on any given day.

22News recorded gunfire from a half a mile away. There’s no general “noise by-law” in Granby.

“So that kind of makes things sticky, but the complaints from the residents have all been forwarded to the town administrator and the board of selectmen,” said Chief Alan Wishart of the Granby Police Department.

Neighbors are circulating a petition calling for environmental impact and noise studies.

Since the July 10 Select Board meeting, the Granby Bow and Gun club no longer allows the firing of high caliber weapons.

22News tried to contact the town administrator, the select board and the gun club. We’re still waiting to hear back.