Dog died after being found in hot pickup truck

Pit bull's internal temperature was nearly 110 degrees

BOSTON (AP) — A dog left in a hot pickup truck in Boston for longer than two hours has died and authorities are investigating whether to charge the owner.

A passer-by noticed the pit bull inside the pickup in the city’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood at about 4 p.m. Tuesday and called police.

The city’s Animal Control Unit brought the male dog to Angell animal hospital, where it died.

Amanda Kennedy of Angell said the dog’s internal temperature was nearly 110 degrees, which is high as the measuring thermometer goes. Kennedy says the dog was probably in the car for at least two and half hours.

Outdoor temperatures reached 80 degrees in Boston on Tuesday.

Investigators are weighing whether the charge the owner with animal cruelty. The owner’s name was not disclosed.


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