Dangers of swimming during stormy weather

Rainstorms can affect indoor pools as well

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A lot of people cool off in swimming pools during hot humid days, but if the weather becomes stormy, it’s a place you’ll want to avoid.

Stormy weather can affect swimming pools, both outdoor and indoors. During bad weather, a swimming pool can be a dangerous place.

Possible lightning strikes, and reduced visibility are risks people take when swimming outside in a thunderstorm

Lifeguards at the Holyoke YMCA told 22News that dark clouds are a sign to get out.

“If the quality of me being able to see the bottom is impaired because of the rain I would have the people get out, and give it a little bit of time and see if it starts to calm down,” Zachery Atkins told 22News. “If it starts to thunder or lightning I would keep them out for the day.”

Rainstorms can affect indoor pools as well.

Holyoke YMCA Aquatic Director Kerry Cordis told 22News that lifeguards should be aware of storms affecting swimmers indoors.

“Lightning hitting a window or a glass wall or something inside the building,” said Kerry Cordis. “There really aren’t documented cases of people getting hurt by lightning inside, but the standard practice is to clear an indoor pool.”

Cordis said it’s important to check the weather and plan ahead before you go to a pool.