City working to find solution for smelly abandoned house

Residents are frustrated waiting for it to be fixed

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – West Springfield neighbors are fed up with the rancid smell coming from an abandoned house.

Neighbors said 19 Queen Avenue has reeked for months, and the city said they’ve started the process to address the odor, but it will take some time.

Neighbors said they’ve seen buzzards circling a dead animal carcass decaying in the driveway of 19 Queen Avenue.

The home is long-abandoned, condemned, and deemed unfit for human habitation. Neighbors said it’s in foreclosure.

West Springfield’s city attorney petitioned the housing court in June. She said two banks have expressed interest in the property, and the city is waiting for their rehab plans.

Neighbors complain about smell at abandoned home

“Definitive plans with prices and quotes to get the property in compliance, and if their plans aren’t sufficient, then we will move forward with a petition for a receiver, which would be a local entity controlling the property to bring it into compliance,” said Kate Obrien, West Springfield’s City Attorney.

One neighbor said the bank in control of 19 Queen Avenue told them they intend to address the issue.

After months of the odor from this putrid property, residents are frustrated waiting for it to be fixed.

“I think what the town and the banks need to understand, is that there are other people living here that pay their rent pay their mortgages and take care of their properties,” said Dawn Zarecki-Reidy of West Springfield. “The bank should at least take care of it so we don’t have to look at and smell something really yucky.”

The West Springfield City Council is considering a new property maintenance ordinance that the city attorney said will give the Blight Task Force’s more tools to address properties like this.