Neighbors complain about smell at abandoned home

Neighbors said the bank is in the process of foreclosure

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – West Springfield neighbors are complaining of dead animals and a horrible smell at a condemned home on their street.

Signs on the front door at 19 Queen Avenue say the home is unfit for human habitation.

22News reported about the house last year when animal control had to rescue pets after the property had been abandoned.

Walk up to 19 Queen Avenue in West Springfield and you’re greeted by a dead animal.

Neighbors told 22News this condemned, abandoned house has reeked ever since they moved in next door last December.

“The nice weather came, and the first day that we could open the windows, we needed to close them right away,” said Terri McNulty of West Springfield. “It was that bad. The smell just emanates from the house. You don’t even want to be outside.”

Neighbors said it’s not just the smell, but bugs, animals, and over grown weeds that plague the property.

Neighbors said the smell got even worse with a dead animal left decaying in the driveway.

Jean Galloway with the West Springfield health department said they hadn’t been notified about the animal carcass, but that the department’s been dealing with this property for years. She said they’re working to correct ongoing problems.

“We saw a couple big buzzards come by, picking at the dead animals,” McNulty told 22News. “It smells nasty. You look around we’ve got a lot of nice yards, people take pride in their yards. This eyesore, doesn’t make me feel clean.”

Neighbors said the bank is in the process of foreclosure. They said the bank told them they plan to file a claim to fix the problems.