Caught on Camera: Botched bridge jump

Camera rolls as man's jump from Spokane bridge goes horribly wrong, leaving him with critical injuries.

(KHQ/NBC News) A man is recovering from critical injuries after a botched jump from a Spokane, Washington bridge.

Rowan Clark was at the abandoned bridge with friends Saturday when the accident occurred.

“A lot of people I know love to jump off of it and stuff,” Rowan says. “When I got here there were already people jumping off of it.”

He says people have been using it for years, and haven’t had an incident. But something went wrong on Saturday. One guy, who was floating down the river, said to Rowan and his friends that he could do a back-flip off the bridge. It’s a 60-foot drop from where he jumped. But, when he hit the water, others noticed something was wrong and rushed in to help.

Rowan called 911 immediately as people rushed to get the man out of the water.

His training as a lifeguard kicked in and he and another teen were doing CPR on the man.

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