Ways to keep thieves from breaking into your home

Recent home break-ins have people stepping up their home security

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Over the last month, homes in towns including West Springfield, Longmeadow and Southampton have all had a series of home break-ins. Now some residents are taking precautions to better protect their homes.

Rocky’s ace hardware in Springfield said they’ve seen more people coming in this summer looking to better secure their garage.

Store manager Beth Wells said “A lot of break-ins I know in gates and garages, and that’s where the heavy duty lock I was talking about comes in. There could be an entry into the house that way, and it might not be as secure because that’s not a place you would think they would try to get into”. 

A Rocky’s manager suggests adding a steel lock with thick bars for added security on garage doors. The store said they’ve had more people purchasing home security system signs to deter burglars, but one West Springfield resident said without a real alarm, they wouldn’t feel safe.

Lisa Lovell said “They may deter people, but I wouldn’t feel safe. Our System has motion sensors, it also has sensors on all of the doors and the windows. So if anyone would open a window the alarm would go off and contact ADT”.

Other residents said they stay low tech, relying on locking their doors and owning a loud dog for security.

Paul Serafino, a West Springfield resident, said “Just check the doors, and we have a big dog that barks a lot when people are around. So you know it’s an extra expense, so you wonder, I guess it’s till it happens to you you don’t really feel it, so I’ve been a little skeptical about the extra expense”.

Rocky’s said there are low cost options to add security around the home, including dummy video cameras, motion sensing lights, and stronger window and door locks.