Springfield Housing Authority director Abrashkin is retiring

William Abrashkin had served as housing court judge prior to time at SHA

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Judge William Abrashkin’s distinguished career, first as a housing court judge and later as the Springfield Housing Authority executive director, is coming to an end.

The 73 year-old is retiring next month, after 22 years on the bench and the last nine years heading-up the housing authority.

Abrashkin is proud of an education program started eight years ago, giving special attention to children in public housing, almost from birth. It is an initiative Abrashkin says helps reverse the cycle of poverty.

“Many fewer problems in the schools, discipline issues way down, absenteeism, tardiness way down, and the children are moving forward to become part of the community, part of the workforce,” Abrashkin said.

Abrashkin, whose retirement becomes effective next month, plans to stay on until the SHA can find a successor.

The Springfield Housing Authority, Massachusetts’ second largest, is responsible for some 3,000 public housing units at a number of locations throughout the city.