New TSA guidelines to affect tablets, e-readers

Passengers must remove any electronic items larger than a cell phone from their carry-on bags

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – Tighter security is coming to airports across the country.

The TSA is imposing new screening rules, that specifically applies to carry-on luggage. Passengers will be required to take all electronics larger than a cell phone, out of bags and put them in a bin before going through the X-Ray scanner. Those electronics include iPads, e-readers, and video game consoles.

“I have to admit I miss the days when you were able to walk right to the gate and kiss someone goodbye when someone was taking off, said Jan Bishop of Newington, CT. “Those are gone, but we need to stay safe.”

Prior rules only required laptops to be removed for separate scanning. The TSA has implemented the security changes at 10 airports so far, including Logan International Airport in Boston.

This is the security checkpoint at Bradley International Airport. The TSA hasn’t implemented the new screening rules at this airport yet, but will in the coming months. Fliers told 22News they wouldn’t mind having the new security measures, even if that meant waiting longer in line.

“One place they had me leave it in and another place they had me take it out so now I just take it out all the time,” said David Mohr of Keene, NH. “I like the added security, I’d rather have more security than less.”

TSA spokesman Mike McCarthy told 22News the TSA at Bradley needs to go through a training to learn the new security procedure before the rules go into effect. The rules would not apply to people who use TSA’s pre-check program.