Ford fumes probe expands

Most of the reported complaints come from police departments which use the Police Interceptor Explorer in its fleets.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expanding its investigation into exhaust fumes inside Ford Explorer SUVs.

(NBC News) Police in Austin, Texas will no longer be driving Ford Explorer police cruisers.

The move comes after more than 60 officers have filed workers compensation claims in the past five months citing exposure to carbon monoxide.

Twenty officers had detectable levels of the dangerous gas in their blood.

Police Sergeant Zachary Lahood is suing Ford, claiming he was left with neurological problems after being poisoned by carbon monoxide.

Dashcam video shows the moment Lahood realized something was wrong.

Ford says it is working with “police customers, police equipment installers, police advisory board members and the NHTSA to investigate reported issues and solve them.”

The automaker told NBC News police department modifications might contribute to exhaust-related issues.

So far, the federal government hasn’t found any evidence that carbon monoxide poisoning has caused any injuries or crashes.

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