Easthampton residents worry cottage community will bring down property value

The next public meeting is in September

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A cottage community could be coming to Easthampton.

A neighbor said he’s worried his property value will go down. An Easthampton’s woman dreams of opening a cottage community is turning into a nightmare.

Mindy Cotherman paid $275,000 for property at 132 West Street. Her plans were to turn the 5 acres of land into a cottage community, with about a half dozen temporary dwelling units.

Some residents are not happy.

Public minutes from a July 18 meeting, residents raised concerns about the type of crowd a cottage community would bring to Easthampton.

Voicing concerns such a noise, even traffic, something the owner of this property told 22News, wouldn’t be an issue. No radio playing outside. This is a quiet situation.

Easthampton zoning bylaws allow the property to be a campground, with tents, not structures.

“If we did it as a non-profit campground, the city doesn’t get money from us,” Mindy Cotherman of Easthampton told 22News. “And I think it’s important to pay our share our taxes. So I know at the meeting somebody complained about “there’s going to be too much traffic and our roads are already bumpy.” Well if we could contribute to tax base, maybe the roads could get fixed.”

A neighbor who did not want to show his face, told 22News he does not want the seasonal cottage lodging next door to him.

“Be a nuisance to the neighbors,” David Pogue of Easthampton said. “Now what’s going to happen is her property values might go up. My property value is going to go down and my neighbor’s property value is going to go down. They are just going to rent to anybody.”

This is something Cotherman told 22News won’t happen.

The city has since drafted a new seasonal cottage communities zoning amendment. If approved, the seasonal cottages must be no greater than 800 square feet.

The next public meeting is in September.