Construction at Forest Park making travel inconvenient

Collapsed culvert could cause serious damage

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP)-  Forest Park in Springfield is undergoing construction. Some residents are finding the recent project very inconvenient.

“There’s no other way to get around,” said Rachel Stevens. “Everything is completely blocked off. It makes it really difficult to enjoy the park.”

Stevens traveled from Pittsfield to bring her children to Forest Park. When she arrived, she found that a culvert had collapsed, blocking off Main Greeting Road to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Park goers told 22News that having this main entrance blocked, is inconvenient. Executive Director of Parks and Recreation Patrick Sullivan said that construction will be underway to fix the issue soon.

Sullivan said that water has risen 9.2 feet over the collapsed culvert due to heavy rainfall we have received this summer. The rising waters could blow out the structure causing more damage, or worse, injure someone.

“We’re just very concerned and we’ve been advised to close the road down util it can be pumped down,” said Sullivan. “We’re taking everyone’s safety as a first course of action.”

Sullivan said within the next few months the entire structure will be rebuilt. Residents can find information regarding the closure and the status of this project on the city’s website.