Westfield Police Department given a unique donation

WESTFIELD, Mass. (The Westfield News) – The city’s police department received a unique donation recently—a video tribute.

The video was a donation from Silent Partner Marketing, a Manchester, Connecticut-based marketing company who is aiming to donate up to $500,000 worth of video production to police departments around the country for similar pursuits. The goal of the videos is to give back to police departments and “humanize the police departments,” according to Kyle Reyes, president and CEO of Silent Partner Marketing.

In the video, officers from the Westfield Police Department discuss the goals of the department, as well as its part within the community. One highlight includes a resident who said that officers brought him food when weather made it so he could not travel to the store.

“We had civilians tell their stories. The main focus was how the police department, civilians and residents need to work together,” Lt. Eric Hall said.

According to Hall, the video came to be after he heard about the outreach Silent Partner Marketing was doing.

“I saw it on social media and I took advantage,” he said.

“These men and women behind the uniforms could care less about politics,” Reyes said. “They don’t look at people and see political affiliation, they see people. They look at people and they just see a human life that needs to be served and protected.”

According to Reyes, the company is working with about 75 departments across the country, with many in Connecticut. In addition, fire departments and at least one emergency medical services department are receiving videos, as well.

Reyes said that the project started last December.

“Last December we announced that we would be donating $250,000 to police departments to help them tell their stories,” he said.

There was positive feedback overall, but also some negative criticism of the videos, according to Reyes. The negative criticism then inspired him to double the amount given and extend it “to first responders and veterans.”

In addition to the videos that are coming out this year, Reyes said that they are also working on a series called “Behind the Uniform,” which will tell the stories of those in law enforcement and first responders.