State Senate passes bill to help non-English speaking students

State Senate passed bilingual education bill 39-0

BOSTON (WWLP) – The Senate approved a bill to allow English language learners to participate in bilingual education programs in public school.

Under current law, all public school students must be taught in English and placed in English language classrooms, as passed by voters on the 2002 ballot.

The bill would allow English learners enrolled in public school to take part in special programs, including dual language education and transitional bilingual education.

Everett State Senator Sal DiDomenico told 22News that the current programming isn’t working for students where English is a second language and that they’re not moving ahead with their peers.

“Every child is different,” DiDomenico told 22News. “I think the teachers in the schools know their students better than we know them. We’re just giving them flexibility to be able to educate their kids in the best way possible.”

The House passed a similar bill and will review the Senate’s version of the proposal before it can be sent to the governor.