Residents react to Trump’s transgender proposal ban

Trump tweets about banning transgender individuals from the military

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) –  President Trump’s new proposal to ban transgender people from serving in the military has residents talking.

“I just think hes not thinking of the bigger picture,” said West Springfield resident Julie Ho. “He’s just not working for everybody, which is the most important thing and it’s pretty shallow and gross I think.”

The President tweeted the policy shift Wednesday, which caused a strong reaction of opinions on social media.

His decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military would eliminate the nations single largest employer of transgender Americans.

The President said he is proposing this decision because the military cannot afford to be burdened with the medical costs for transgender individuals.

“We believe that health care costs really cannot be an excuse for discrimination,” said Tapestry CEO Chery Zoll. “These are people who are serving and serving proudly and this really feels like an attack.”

A 2016 Rand Corp study commissioned by the Defense Department found that letting transgender individuals serve in the military would have a minimal impact on health care costs due to the fact that there are so few serving in the military’s 1.3 million-person force.