Regulations for state fair rides

In 1974 when Paul Caron fell off the broken car of a Ferris wheel

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Ohio State fair ride passed multiple inspections before the deadly accident.

22News spoke with a former state representative and amusement park accident survivor about inspection regulations in Massachusetts.

In 1974 when Paul Caron fell off the broken car of a Ferris wheel, building inspectors were the people who inspected fair rides.

Now, in Massachusetts, state inspectors need to give the ride the green light. Now, as a state representative, Caron saw an overhaul of park regulations.

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As long as thrill seekers demand rides, carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks will deliver.

Amusement parks and traveling carnivals need a state certified staff member to maintain, operate, and inspect rides. They have to record everything on a log.

Caron said, “I think make sure that safety standards are in place.  And you’re well informed before you get on a ride, you realize anything can happen anywhere.”

The Fireball ride at the Ohio State fair killed one person and injured seven others on opening night. Ohio Governor John Kasich is keeping all of the rides shut down until a full investigation and another round of inspections are complete.