Omaha officers charged in stun gun death

Two former Omaha, Nebraska police officers charged with assault after shocking mentally ill man with stun gun 12 times, resulting in his death.

(WOWT) Two Omaha, Nebraska police officers have been charged with assault after a confrontation that ended in the death of a mentally ill man.

Zachary Bearheels ultimately died after the clash with police.

Bearheels, 29, was involved in a disturbance. Police responded and as officers tried to subdue him, Bearheels was shocked with a stun gun a dozen times.

Officer Scotty Payne and Officer Ryan McClarty were fired earlier this month.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said Wednesday that Payne is being charged with Second Degree Assault. McClarty is being charged with Third Degree Assault.
Officials say Bearheels died after being shocked 12 times with a Taser, punched and dragged by his hair by the officers.

The cause of death was listed as “Excited Delirium” – a sudden death caused by agitation and distress.

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