Early autumn? What is causing some leaves to change?

Environmental stresses, abundant rainfall have caused issues with some trees

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – It is still mid-summer, but some residents are noticing the colors of the leaves changing.

Though we have seen some fall-like temperatures over the past few days, the foliage is not really coming earlier this year. The change in coloration is due to environmental stresses.

22News talked to the folks from G&H Landscaping Wednesday, who said that all the rain we have been getting has been a major factor, as well.

“Some trees don’t like area or root systems that are in too wet of a soil, so now with all the rainfall we had, what is a normal soil condition is now wet,” Gary Corchesne of G&H said.

Other factors are insect and disease damage, especially during the summer when the insects chew the leaves. The chewing from certain insects causes tree and plant stress.

Depending on the weather, we can begin to see leaves changing by late August or early September. Fall officially begins on September 22.