Lawmakers, teachers looking to increase funding for public schools

22News explains a state proposal to increase education funding

BOSTON (WWLP) – Education in Massachusetts is underfunded by up to $2 billion per year according a state commission. Now lawmakers and teachers are fighting to increase funding to local public schools.

The state’s Education Committee heard from the public on Tuesday regarding several proposals to change the state’s education spending, including updating the formula for funding to local public schools.

One bill would increase education funding in areas including special education and English language learners, according to the recommendations of the state’s Foundation Budget Review Commission from 2015.

22News spoke with Jessica Tang who has been teaching for more than 10 years. She said inadequate education funding has limited students’ resources and forced teachers to buy supplies for the classroom.

“When I started teaching, I didn’t have enough books for all of my students,” Tang explained. “We had one set of books that we had to share over three different classrooms. We had to ration our paper.”

The state’s Education Committee is currently reviewing the bill and has yet to act on it.