Oxbow Water Ski Show Team preparing for tournament

The Oxbow Water Ski Show Team took their tricks to a new level Sunday morning

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Oxbow Water Ski Show Team took their tricks to a new level Sunday morning at the Oxbow Marina in Northampton. 22News was there to find out how important teamwork is in a performance sport like water skiing.

The Oxbow Water Ski Show Team took advantage of the sunny, dry weather Sunday to practice their tricks for the 33rd Eastern Regions Show Tournament, which will be held at the Oxbow next weekend.

John Benjamin, Show Director, told 22News, “You really don’t see this type of skiing anywhere in the area, usually you have to go to Florida or Wisconsin, Texas, or Cali to see this type of skiing.”

From barefoot acts to pyramid acts, these athletes show it all, and its not easy.

One skier told 22News what “swiveling” is, and how it’s done out on the water. Brianna Benjamin, from Agawam, told 22News, “You’re on one ski, and it swivels, so I go on a 180 axis, and you go backwards and forwards.”

These skiers practice all year long for their main tournament, where teams come from Maine, New York, New Jersey, and Holland, Massachusetts.

One Skier described to 22News what it takes to be a water show skier. Becci Ziemba, Membership Director, told 22News, “It’s a really specific kind of person who’s a show skier, so when you met those people, you really bond together.”

It’s also important to bond out on the water, especially when performing these tricks with other team members. In the end, it all comes down to trust.

Emmalyse, from Easthampton, explained to 22News how important teamwork is, “With pyramids, you gotta trust a lot of people, you gotta have a lot of teamwork, where the bases have to stay strong while the climbers have to stay light.”

Water levels at the Oxbow are considered “normal” with the amount of rain we’ve seen, which helps these athletes nail their tricks.