Greenfield residents react to mayors executive order on immigration

Greenfield joins Northampton and Amherst in adopting sanctuary type policies

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Greenfield Police are under instruction not to enforce federal immigration law.

Mayor William Martin told 22News he wants to be a community of love and tolerance.

Greenfield stopped short of declaring themselves a sanctuary city. But a new executive order from Mayor Martin directs police not to ask about a person’s immigration status unless it directly relates to a crime.

“I’m all for it,” Paul Phipps of Greenfield said. “I think that what they are doing is wrong and I think they need to be more welcoming and open.”

President Trump signed an Executive order in January, authorizing the Department of Homeland Security to recruit local departments to enforce federal immigration law.

“I think that they have a right to be here and I don’t think that they should be run out of town for any reason unless they are committing crimes,” Donald Billiel of Greenfield told 22News.

But are people worried that not seeking out illegal immigrants could create crime?

“I just hope not,” said Paul Gravel of Greenfield. “I mean as long as they are not bothering me and not committing crimes, I don’t have a problem with it.”

“All members of the community should feel comfortable communicating with the Greenfield Police Department without concern for their immigration status,” Mayor Martin stated in a news release.

Greenfield joins Northampton and Amherst in adopting sanctuary type policies.

Holyoke gladly accepts the label as a sanctuary city while Springfield’s Mayor says they are not.

The Trump Administration has threatened to pull federal funding from communities that do not cooperate.