Rocks being thrown at drivers in Connecticut

Police in Waterbury area investigating incidents

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Police in the Greater Waterbury area are investigating a series of incidents where rocks are being thrown at cars while drivers are behind the wheel.

Devin Aurio knows it’s happening because a frightening incident happened to him while he was driving on East Main Street on Thursday night.

waterbury rocks 1 Rocks being thrown at drivers in Greater Waterbury
(Photo: LaSalle Blanks/WTNH)

“It was like bang!” He said. “And it just smashed and there was glass everywhere.”

Devin says two rocks smashed through his windshield. He also says he’s lucky the rocks broke through the passenger side of the glass instead of the driver’s side where he was.

waterbury rocks 3 Rocks being thrown at drivers in Greater Waterbury
(Photo Courtesy: The Aurio Family)

“If that rock had come through the driver’s side and hit me in the head, I would’ve been knocked unconscious and I would’ve crashed the car.” he said.

Devin says the rock throwers have also targeted parked cars in his neighborhood. His mother’s car is among those banged up with marks and dents because of the rocks.

All of this is taking an emotional toll.

“Shock, outrage, disappointment,” said Mary, Devin’s mom.

It’s also taking a financial toll. Devin spent part of his weekend spending $200 to have his windshield fixed. He hopes police can catch whoever’s doing this.

22News’ Connecticut sister station News 8 contacted Waterbury police. They told us they are investigating, but no one was available for an on-camera interview.

News 8 also went to nearby Wolcott. The police chief there confirmed they are investigating at least six cases of rocks being thrown at moving vehicles there, including two cases from May and four so far this month.

“This is very serious,” said Wolcott Police Chief Edward Stephens. “This is not a prank.”

Chief Stephens says they are working with Waterbury Police to catch the rock throwers. When News8 showed up at his office, Chief Stephens was working on getting arrest warrants for two individuals relating to the incidents in his town from May.

“I believe we have identified the parties that were involved in that,” said Chief Stephens. “Now, these four recent ones — we’re also going to try to connect them in, see if they’re the same parties driving around town.”

He wouldn’t reveal any names just yet, but Chief Stephens told News 8 the warrants would be for two males in their late teens.

The chief hopes he can prove these cases are connected in Wolcott and Waterbury and arrests will come soon.

He wants to give closure to drivers like Devin.

“It’s good to know they’re doing something about it,” Devin said.