More bear sightings reported in Chicopee

There is possibly more than one bear in the area, police say

bear marten st chicopee
A bear is seen wandering through a yard on Marten St. in Chicopee. Image Courtesy: Kristy Cintron via Report It.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Residents of another Chicopee neighborhood have been visited by a wandering black bear, or possibly more than one.

The latest bear sightings in the city were reported Tuesday morning on side streets to the east of the intersection of Memorial Drive and Pendleton Avenue. Bear photos sent to 22News via our Report It feature were taken on Marten Street and Westport Drive, which are on opposite sides of Pendleton Avenue.

Chicopee Police Officer Mike Wilk told 22News that their department received a couple of calls about bear sightings Tuesday morning, and added that it is possible that there is more than one bear in that area. Police are not taking action to get the bears to leave, according to Wilk, they are just leaving the animal or animals alone so that they can return to the woods.

There have been several bear sightings in the city of Chicopee this year, however most of the sightings have been in the Burnett Road area, which is on the eastern edge of town and closer to the dense woods of Chicopee State Park.

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