DA: It may take time to ID body found burning on side of road

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) – Investigators are working to identify the body of an adult male who was found on fire by the side of a road Tuesday morning.

The Bristol County District Attorney’s Office Tweeted, “It’s extremely unlikely we will be able to ID victim today. It may take some time.”

Investigators were on scene for several hours searching for evidence in a wooded area in the vicinity of  Prescott Street.

According to Attleboro Police Chief Kyle Heagney, the body was discovered shortly before 3 a.m. It is believed to have been dumped on the side of the road.

“The officer got out and initially thought it was a brush fire. Subsequently, walking up to the wooded area, saw the body and the adjacent fire in the area. So, I can confirm that the body was burned and it was on fire,” Heagney said.

The medical examiner arrived on scene just before 8:30 a.m. An autopsy will be performed on the body later in the day.

The Bristol County District Attorney’s Office said the death is considered suspicious at this time.