Rattlesnake found on Springfield doorstep released on Mount Tom

Unclear how the snake got there

(Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A timber rattlesnake made it’s way to someone’s Springfield home Sunday night.

Crawford walked outside and noticed a Timber Rattlesnake sitting on the front porch of his William Street home in the South End of Springfield Sunday.

“I started screaming, I was hollering, I was like yo there’s a snake and then literally after I started hollering everybody came out like what’s going on? I was like there’s a snake, a rattlesnake and they couldn’t believe it they were all shocked,” Crawford said.

Crawford told 22News that TJ O’Connor Animal Control, along with State Environmental Police came and picked up the snake and released it on the Mt. Tom reservation in Holyoke.

The snake was about 3 feet long, and Animal Control told 22News they have no idea how it got downtown.

“I think this was a weird fluky event, like I said we know that there are rattlesnakes in Massachusetts, especially in western Mass, but the state has pretty well identified where the populations are, and downtown Springfield is not an area where residents need to be concerned,” Hannah Orenstein, TJ O’Connor Animal Control Supervisor said.

TJ O’Connor Animal control told 22News that Timber rattlesnakes are known to thrive in areas in western Massachusetts, but finding them in Urban locations is almost unheard of.

Orenstein said that she doesn’t expect any more Timber rattlesnakes to pop up in downtown Springfield anytime soon. If you do see a rattlesnake, do not touch it and contact Animal Control or Environmental Police immediately.


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