Health care slow down

The Republican drive to repeal and replace Obamacare has shifted back into neutral today, as Senate leaders wait for Senator John McCain to return to Washington.

(NBC News) On Capitol Hill Monday, Republican leaders have delayed the health care vote again, as they wait for Senator John McCain to recover from surgery that removed a blood clot in his head.

Doctors say it was a minor surgery, but he will need time to rest and recover.

“We need to delay the vote until he gets here,” said Wyoming Senator John Barrasso. “We need all 50 votes.”

On Capitol Hill, some experts say the short-term delay could mean long-term failure.

“The traditional view is that delays on legislation like this are deadly,” said Former Jeb Bush Senior Adviser Michael Steel. “It allows opposition more time to grow.”

The White House says the President will be very active in pushing this health care plan and helping to get all Republicans on board.

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