Getting a deal on rising airfares

NEW YORK (CNN) – For the first time in years the price to fly is going up. However, there are ways you can save when booking your next trip.

Delta says from April through June, passengers paid more to fly than in previous years and it says prices will continue to climb.

Expect to see higher fares on other carriers like American Airlines. Part of the reason, higher fuel costs. The price of gas went up 18 percent compared to a year ago.

If you want to book a trip, there are ways to track the price of the flight so you get the best deal.

Try google flights. There you can set alerts to get a text or email once the price for a route goes up or if a current fare will expire.

With Kayak you can get price predictions and look at historical airfare trends. It also has a fare IQ feature that tracks your flight even after booking.

So, if you pay for a flight and the price drops, you may be entitled to a refund. Spending a little extra time researching your flight may ultimately help you save big.

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