Crops growing well thanks to rain this summer

Some storms even brought some unwanted weather to the farm

Blueberries contain antioxidants that improve your reaction to stress (Photo: Thinkstock)

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – Sunday, we finally got some well deserved sunshine, which will help our local crops here in western Massachusetts continue to grow.

After days of rain, western Massachusetts got a day of sunshine on Sunday. This time last year, farmers were having a hard time getting their seeds to germinate in the ground due to the lack of rainfall. This year is a different story, all crops seem to be growing just fine.

22News went to Calabrese Farms in Southwick to find out what crops are growing the best. Tom Calabrese told 22News, “All the crops are growing really well. The beans are doing good, the squash is doing great, there’s so many I can’t really sell them all.”

The soil is taking the rain in well. It’s always good to see a balance in the weather – a good amount of wet and dry days.

But this summer has also brought some unwanted weather. Calabrese Farms has been in Southwick for about 50 years, and hail has really not been an issue, but some of these past summer storms brought a lot of hail to the farm, even damaging some apples.

Calabrese told 22News, even though the rain has been extremely beneficial, especially compared to last year, it is too much, since we aren’t getting in enough sunny days. The fruit and vegetables are better quality when it is on the drier side.