Rain causes some seasonal businesses to lose money

On a hot summer day, people are lined up waiting to get ice cream

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) –  Last summer, western Massachusetts needed the rain. This summer has us concerned if the greater Springfield area will ever dry out. 22News went to a local business to find out if the rain is causing them to lose some money.

To say the least, the rain has put a damper on some people’s summer plans. If you’ve been trying to find a day out on the lake or river, the time has been limited due to the rain.

One man from Connecticut told 22News he finds himself stuck inside on rainy days. Matthew Tardiff, from Connecticut, told 22News, “I sit at home and read, I don’t do much of anything.”

Some seasonal local businesses here in western Massachusetts have also noticed a bit of hit. On a hot, sunny summer day, the Summer House in Southwick has people lined up, waiting to get ice cream.

Maryrose Rovatti, who works at the Summer House, told 22News, “We do get a little slower in the rain, but people still come out and enjoy themselves, no matter what the weather is, it’s always a great day for ice cream.”

Just this month alone, western Massachusetts has seen almost equal days of dry and rainy days.