West Springfield dealing with river flooding

Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club takes precaution regardless of flood levels

WEST SPRINGFIELD Mass. (WWLP) – The Connecticut river has already flooded three times this year in West Springfield. There has been a lot of rain over the past two days, but the river is not running high.

The last time the river overflowed its banks was at the end of June. In the event of an emergency on the river, the Springfield Fire Department uses a boat launch. After a flooding event, the river recedes and leaves a lot of mud behind.

The Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club told 22News they have to shovel the mud off the boat launch to make sure it’s usable in an emergency.

While they don’t think Thursday’s storm will impact river levels, the riverfront club still takes flood precautions when it rains.
Those precautions include securing the boats so they don’t float away.

They also watch out for row boats, kayaks and canoes and tell them to come to shore in case the current gets too strong.

Another challenge when the river floods is the debris in the water.If water levels rise enough during a storm, logs and other items end up in the river, which is another danger for boaters and swimmers.