Drivers could get harsher sentences for drug possession

The bill is being reviewed by the Transportation Committee

BOSTON (WWLP) – On Thursday, the state’s Joint Committee on Transportation heard from the public regarding bills dealing with transit expansion, driver education and license suspensions.

One proposal would suspend licenses of people caught with drugs or illegal prescription medications in their car when children are present. If the bill is passed and signed into law, convicted drivers would have their license suspended for one year.

Springfield Representative Carlos Gonzalez filed the bill. He told 22News that he hopes the penalty will deter residents from driving with drugs in the car with kids around, especially at a time when the state is battling a deadly opioid addiction crisis.

“When driving and having a controlled substance, that’s not legal,” Gonzalez said. “And having children in the car is a detriment to children.”

The bill is currently being reviewed by the Transportation Committee.