West Springfield police investigating several home break-ins

If you see anything suspicious, call West Springfield police or 911


WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Thieves are breaking into homes in one section of West Springfield.

Neighbors are now taking action to protect themselves and their valuables.

“I made sure the doors were locked, I left a couple lights on, and put my dog at the front door who could wake me up if anything happened,” said Tim Cote of West Springfield.

According to West Springfield Police, thieves have been targeting neighborhoods near the railroads tracks on Front Street. Break-ins have occurred on Plateau Avenue, Ashley Street, and South Boulevard.

“Some people are just out walking in like they own the place, it’s a shame to hear about especially being born and raised in West Springfield. It’s discouraging,” said Adam Ciborowski of West Springfield.

Police said these break-ins occurred overnight and early in the morning, and some residents were home at the time.

West Springfield police believe the suspects are using the woods in between the neighborhoods and the railroad tracks for cover. According to residents, there’s been break-ins in these neighborhoods since last year.

“Houses also have been broken into on Westfield Street,” said Caroline Robidous of West Springfield. “If the community helps, locks out, keeps an eye out, everything will be alright.”

West Springfield Police said thieves entered through doors that had been left unlocked. They urge you to call them if you see anything suspicious.