Turnpike construction updates

WESTFIELD, Mass. (The Westfield News) – The construction work around the Massachusetts Turnpike in Westfield may soon be coming to a stop—at least temporarily.

This is according to information city officials received via e-mail from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). According to the e-mails, the toll plaza demolition and reconstruction effort at Southampton Road and exit 3 could be “cleaned and demobilized” by July 21, while bridges that are being worked on in relation to a Turnpike overpass project are expected to start opening on various dates between July 20 and 24.

According to the information provided by David Billips, director of Westfield Public Works, remaining plaza 3 work will be “grading of the median and placement of concrete” that began on Monday, July 10, and will go until Friday, July 14, as well as the installation of a “new mast arm.” Lighting will also be installed from July 10 to July 12.

In addition, “[d]uring night shifts” from July 10 to July 13, “the top course of the roadway will be paved.” The work though, is weather-dependent.

Then, striping of the roadway is expected to take place July 14, Monday July 17 and Tuesday July 18. Finally, “the work site will be cleaned and demobilized” from July 18 until July 21.

A portion of the Southampton Road bridge, where construction continues (The Westfield News)

According to Jeremy Cigal, assistant civil engineer for Westfield, additional information was received regarding MassDOT Turnpike bridge repairs through the city. The three bridges listed were on West Road, Montgomery Road and Southampton Road.

Cigal said that the e-mail reported that a bridge membrane, which he said is a rubberized compound that helps to protect the concrete deck of the bridge, was placed on July 10. Then the paving will be done on the bridge July 17, with it expected to be opened to traffic July 20.

According to Cigal, MassDOT indicated that this would be the completion of major work but some minor work will occur after July 20 during the day that will have a lane closure.

For Montgomery Road, Cigal said the bridge membrane would be placed on July 17, with paving occurring either July 21 or 24. The bridge should then be opened July 24. Like West Road, there will be minor work needed following July 24 that will be done during the day.

Cigal said that for Southampton Road, the bridge membrane was listed to be placed July 11 with paving scheduled to occur on July 17. He said the plan is to temporarily fully open the bridge July 24 until after the International Air Show at Barnes Regional Airport, which ends Aug. 13. This is called the completion of phase two on the Southampton Road bridge, Cigal said.

MassDOT said that after the air show phase three will begin and the majority of the bridge work will be completed by the end of September with all the barriers removed at that time.

Finally, milling and paving is said to be occurring at the 100-foot approach on the north and south ends of the bridges in spring 2018.