Promoting clean energy by using electric cars

Massachusetts has been installing charging stations across the state.

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a term we’re hearing a lot these days, clean energy.

Its energy that from renewable sources like wind and solar. Governor Charlie Baker last January, signed a law that gives incentives to buy zero emission vehicles.

We know driving an electric car may be better for the environment, but consumers still have questions about what “going electric” really means.

“How long can I drive for without having to recharge?” asked Nancy Bair, Director of Western Massachusetts Green Consortium. “How long is it going to take me to recharge? What’s the maintenance? Is that going to be expensive or complicated?”

On Wednesday, the “Western Massachusetts Green Consortium” held its monthly “Green Night” in Northampton where residents learned about clean-fuel, low-maintenance electric vehicles.

Massachusetts has been installing charging stations across the state.

But one electric car owner said there’s a real need.

“Not nearly enough, and they also don’t have the fast-charging stations because you can’t really sit there for 6 hours waiting for your car to charge when you’re just going shopping for an hour,” Mark Tajima, Co-owner of Energia, LLC said.

Among the benefits of driving an electric car, dramatically reduced fuel costs.

Your home is your personal electronic charging station.

And electric vehicles produce zero direct emissions, which means no harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases.