Picking up after your dog in Northampton

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Signs are posted on a popular Hampshire County bike trail to encourage pet owners to be responsible and clean up after their dogs.

The signs are posted along the Norwottuck Rail Trail in Northampton. They alert people to clean up after their dogs.

Veterinarian Doctor Bonnie Smith told 22News dog poop can contain germs that carry disease.

One dog owner said it’s not only sanitary, but neighborly, to clean up after your pet.

“Just a general awareness, you don’t want to leave things on the road, as people are walking by from your dog and your pet and you want to know what’s in your environment that you’re living in,” Lindsey Bannish of Granville told 22News.

To avoid infections and disease, Doctor Smith recommends you clean your pet’s paws regularly.

When a dog self-cleans, it can pick up an infection or virus and then transmit that to other dogs, or even humans.