Lawmakers push bill to make prescriptions more affordable

The bill is under review by the state's Health Care Financing Committee

BOSTON (WWLP) – Lawmakers are working on a bill that will make prescriptions more affordable.

22News explains a proposal that could help you save at the pharmacy.

When you purchase a prescription through your insurance, you might not be getting the lowest price. Lawmakers are pushing legislation to ensure you get the best deal at the pharmacy.

You might think that purchasing prescriptions through your insurance is the cheapest option, but you could possible pay less buying out of pocket.

West Springfield State Senator Jim Welch filed a bill to require pharmacists to tell you how much you would pay for your prescription medication through insurance, and the cash price.

If your prescription is cheaper without your insurance, you pay the lower price.

The bill also requires pharmacies to post a notice advising customers that they may request the retail price for prescriptions.

“If you have insurance, typically you don’t question the amount that you’re being charged but in some cases the amount that you could pay by not purchasing it through your insurance product is cheaper,” said State Senator Jim Welch, (D) West Springfield.

The bill is under review by the state’s Health Care Financing Committee.