Elderly man mauled to death

Kentucky police say a 79-year-old man is dead after being attacked by several dogs outside of a towing company office.

(WLEX) Kentucky State Police say a man was fatally injured by several dogs in Whitley City Tuesday.

Detectives discovered 79-year-old Vinson W. Tucker, of Stearns, dead after receiving a call reporting a body in a yard.

Officials say when they reviewed surveillance footage from a nearby home, the video showed Vinson Tucker being attacked by several dogs.

Eric Branscum, Tucker’s neighbor, says his neighbor was just trying to take care of business at Stephens Garage when the dogs attacked.

“Vinson had been out there several times at Mike’s, him and Mike was pretty good friends, you know. And, just today Mike wasn’t there and the dogs turned violent,” Branscum said. “The detective said that he had a dog on each arm and a dog on each leg.”

Read more: http://bit.ly/2uevDg9

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