Poison sumac just as poisonous as poison ivy

Poison Sumac can cause a reaction similar to poison ivy

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) – You may know how to spot poison ivy, but poison sumac is another plant you want to look out for.

While not as common, poison sumac is very poisonous. According to the U.S. department of fish and wildlife, the branches have a red stem, with around seven to nine pointed leaflets per stem.

Poison sumac is most commonly found in swamps, marshes and flooded soils.

People said they often don’t know how to spot poisonous plants other than poison ivy.

“Sumac, I’m ignorant to sumac,” Amy Hilbrich Davis of Longmeadow said. “I think my kids may. We come from Kansas, and in Kansas you know the Michigan shaped leaf is poison ivy, and we use to have it all over.”

Poison sumac can cause a reaction similar to poison ivy, with itching, skin swelling and redness.