Neighbors look into vacant property laws for unkempt Springfield home

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The unsightly front yard located at 29 May Brook Road in Springfield hasn’t been touched for the last three years.

Regina Penkala lives across the street.

“It takes down on everyone’s property value around it,” Penkala said. “The bank owns it so there’s no body to hold responsible here to take care of it.”

Springfield Code Enforcement Officer David Cotter said that he tells neighborhood communities to come together and take care of vacant properties.

Kyle Burton decided to take this matter into his own hands.

“These are unfortunate in certain neighborhoods because it’s clearly unkept and I know that, that can bother the neighbors,” Burton said. “A friend of mine and I have launched a startup Fairway Curb appeal to take care of unkept yards like this so that we keep the property values in neighborhoods up.”

David Cotter said that 1,000 houses are in foreclosure in Springfield, but not all of them are facing cosmetic problems.