PHOTO: Massive rattlesnake caught on camera crossing street

BARTOW, FL (WCMH/WFLA) — A massive rattlesnake was caught on camera crossing the road in Florida.

Cathy Terry sent WFLA the photo, taken just a few miles south of Bartow, Florida. Terry said she was in her truck when they saw the snake, and if she hadn’t looked out the window she would’ve stepped right on it as she was getting out of the truck.

The snake appears to be a large eastern diamondback rattlesnake. Eastern diamondbacks are found throughout the southeastern United States and are the largest species of rattlesnakes. These snakes are also one of the most venomous snakes in the U.S.

Terry told WFLA that the snake was so long it took up about three-quarters of the two-lane road it was slithering across. She wanted to share the photo to remind others to stay alert for snakes, not only in parks and woods but also in their own backyards.