Gas prices remain low during summer driving season

The weather may have a big effect on gas prices this summer and fall

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The price of gas in Massachusetts is about the same as it was one year ago, but it is still much lower than it was five years ago.

The average gas price in Springfield is four cents lower than the national average, and it is not expected to go up much this summer.

22News went around to several area gas stations, and found that regular gasoline is selling for as low as $2.05 per gallon.

Average retail gas prices have increased eight cents per gallon in the past week, but prices are still low enough for people to enjoy the summer sun.

“I go up to New Hampshire to climb a lot, rock climb, and go to the beach a lot. I like to get out in the summer. Summer in New England is like nothing else, you know, so enjoying every bit of it,” Scott Merrick of Chicopee said.

Gas prices should not go any lower this year, but prices in the Springfield area are lower than those in surrounding cities. Hartford’s gas prices average at $2.37 per gallon, while the average gas price in the Worcester area is $2.23 per gallon.

The weather may have a big effect on gas prices this summer and fall. If there are any major hurricanes affecting oil producing and refining regions, such as Texas and Louisiana, prices could go up.

You can find the lowest gas prices in your area by checking out the 22News Pump Price Patrol.