Rain has been beneficial to our yards

More people seem to be taking time to enjoy their yards this season

GRANBY, Mass. (WWLP) – All the recent rain western Massachusetts has gotten is not all a bad thing. 22News is working for you with how our yards have taken a liking to with all this wet weather.

Our yards and plants are looking a lot greener these days thanks to recent rain. More people seem to be taking the time to be enjoying their yards and even buying an extra plant every now and then. This year’s beneficial rain seems to be bringing out more customers compared to last year, when western Massachusetts was in a drought.

We’ve seen a lot more rain this year compared to last year. Class Grass Garden Center in Granby told 22News, this encourages his customers to come out and garden, knowing that mother nature will give them a free drink and let their plants grow.

The combination of sun and rain has helped a lot more plants grow. But your plants and gardens need more than just water.

John Duda, Owner of Class Grass Garden Center, told 22News you have to feed your plants as well. Duda told 22News, “Now is a time to give their plants a feeding, because we’ve had the rain, so many people come in and say things aren’t looking good, and you asked ‘do they feed them,’ they don’t. I always say, if you’re hungry, your plants are hungry.”

John suggests organic or chemical fertilizer to help give your plants that extra boost.