More towns are changing over to a new emergency notification service

Notifications can be sent through phone calls, email, and text messages.

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP)- Code Red.

It’s an emergency notification service more towns are using to get information out to the public quickly. Both Agawam and Sunderland made the switch.

“I think especially if I’m heading towards a traffic jam or some sort of emergency i’ll know to avoid it,” said Rick Marcil of Agawam.

Code Red allows police, fire and other emergency officials to notify residents and businesses of time-sensitive situations. Messages could include notifications of car accidents, dangerous road conditions, house fires, and AMBER Alerts.

With Code Red, you’ll be able to get these alerts right on your cell phone through text messages. Both the police and fire departments will be able to send alerts to tell you where exactly in town an emergency is taking place.

“If there is a large fire in the area and we need to start diverting traffic to get them away from the area and extra pieces of equipment and tell people to stay from these streets, and this is what is going on,” said Deputy Chief B.J. Calvi.

Notifications can also be sent through phone calls and email. You can sign up for Code Red on Agawam’s and Sunderland’s town websites, where you can select how you would like to receive the alerts.

There’s also a CODE RED mobile app, where you’ll be able to see alerts in any area in the U.S.