MA child survives three story fall

Neighbors say the little girl and her family are new to the area.

(CNN/WHDH) – A little girl in Massachusetts is lucky to be alive and expected to be ok after falling three stories from an open window Friday.

It’s not yet clear how it happened, but police believe it was an accident. Authorities notified the department of children and families, as is protocol, and the department is investigating.

An investigator leaning out of window at a Dorchester home on Magnolia Street. After a 6 year old girl fell from the third story at around 2 Friday morning.

Police say the little girl was conscious and crying when they got on scene. They say she told officers she accidentally fell out of the window while both her parents were home.

She was taken to the hospital and is expected to be ok. Neighbors say the little girl and her family are new to the area.

Neighbor: “sorry to hear about tit though, you know because they’re very young.  They’re not old.”

This is the latest in string of recent accidents where children have fallen out of windows.

Child’s fall highlights importance of window locks

A 5 year old in Brookline died after she fell 35 feet out of a fourth-story window while with friends in a neighbor’s apartment.

Then in Quincy, a 5 year-old boy survived a fall from a seven-story window. Officials say the boy was leaning on a window screen at a condo when it popped out.

Finally in Framingham, a toddler was seriously injured when she fell 30 feet out of a third-floor window landing in the drive way below suffering a broken leg and a head injury.

And now, Dorchester, where protective guards were seen on windows of the building, yet somehow, the little girl still fell out.

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