Buy an electric car and get money back

If you want a charger installed in your home, you'll have to pay an electrician

A Nissan Leaf at a charging station.

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) –  A new incentive to buy an electric car for people who live in South Hadley.

The costs of fuel, oil changes and maintenance on a car can add up. Nissan’s electric car, the Leaf, takes away some of those costs. But, the Leaf isn’t cheap.

Get an electric car and get some money back is what Nissan is hoping you will do. Nissan will double the $10,000 in tax credits you would already get from the government to buy an electric car if you live in South Hadley.

“It is a lot of savings,” said David Medina, business manager at Curry Nissan in Chicopee. “You’re saving money, but you’re also saving on fuel, and you’re also helping to save the environment as well.”

It’s good for the environment and you save $20,000. But, a baseline model costs $30,680 and you’ll have to pay to install a charger in your home or use one at a dealership

“We are always looking for opportunities to sell more electricity and also to help the environment,” said Sean Fitzgerald, general manager at South Hadley Electric Light Department. “So we will be investigating charging stations.”

South Hadley is the only municipal utility company participating in the program in Western Massachusetts.

The Communications Director for Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company told 22news that customers who buy a leaf get the charger and a year and a half of data charges free.The charger uses wi-fi to set scheduled charging times. That’s about a $750 value.

Other car companies are going environmentally friendly as well. Volvo said all of the models they introduce starting in 2019 will be hybrids or battery powered.