Trump visit to Poland generated interest in Polish-American community

President visited Poland ahead of trip to Germany for G20 summit

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – President Donald Trump’s visit to Poland stirred curiosity among some members of Chicopee’s Polish community.

22News visited Bernat’s Polish Deli, where customers checking out with their authentic Polish food got a glimpse of today’s Polish newspapers, headlined by the president.

Trump took to the podium in Warsaw to compliment Poland for their financial contributions to NATO, and their sacrifices during World War II.

Local Polish-Americans told 22News that the issues that matter to them are more personal.

“It is okay for us to go to Poland, it’s not a problem. But if I want to have my cousin, or my aunt, or my uncle come to America to visit me, it’s very difficult. The visa process is very long and expensive, and it’s not guaranteed that you’re going to get one,” deli co-owner Gregory Bernat said.

The president also called on Russia to become a responsible nation, and vowed to confront North Korea for test-launching missiles.