Dogs pulled from hot car

The car temperature had climbed to over 160 degrees Fahrenheit

(WXIA) – A call from a concerned citizen and the fast actions of police in Roswell, Georgia saved two small dogs from heat stroke over the weekend.

The police department is using body camera footage as a warning to other pet owners about the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars.

Police arrived at the Holcomb Corners Shopping Center to a report of exactly that on Sunday. Officers first found a very small dog acting aggressively out of what police called “heat and fear.”

An officer testing the air in the car revealed that even with its windows partially down, the car temperature had climbed to over 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

“167 on the front seat; this dog’s been in here for over an hour,” the officer said.

The dog, its bark almost a shriek at this point, was soon carefully removed from the car with a special poll. And that’s when police realized a second dog was also in the car hiding underneath a seat.

As officers work to remove the second dog, the first had what officers described as a heat stroke seizure.

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