Illegal fireworks raise safety concerns for residents

Even after Springfield's official fireworks ended, it was far from a quiet night

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts, but that doesn’t always keep people from setting them off.

The Springfield Police Department received hundreds of calls Tuesday of people illegally setting off fireworks.

For some Springfield residents, the Fourth of July comes with concern, and uncertainty.

“I have the same questions every year,” said John Dewberry. “Were those gunshots or were those fireworks? And you don’t know until the next day.”

Residents said even after Springfield’s official fireworks ended, it was far from a quiet night.

“It was like explosions on every corner, so it was confusing,” said Diandre Romero.

Springfield Police Lieutenant Kenneth Murray told 22News police received around 200 calls about illegal fireworks on the Fourth of July, but Murray said these can be left to sit, with domestic disturbances and armed robberies taking higher priority.

“More than five, more like ten. It was going on all night, till like one,” Jan Carlos Miranda of Springfield told 22News. “I know I heard a lot, and it was close. They were going off like gunshots.”

Lieutenant Murray said officers will check on some of the reports of illegal fireworks, but he doesn’t believe any arrests were made on the Fourth of July.