Child’s fall highlights importance of window locks

5 year-old girl died after fall from window in Brookline this week

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – It is heartbreaking when a child plays near an unprotected window in a high-rise building and falls to their death. Just this week, a five year-old girl fell more than 30 feet to her death from a fourth-floor apartment in the Boston suburb of Brookline.

The window had a screen, but a window lock might have saved her life.

Holyoke Housing Authority Director Matthew Mainville showed 22News the windows that lock to prevent children from opening them to a dangerous level.

“We have used windows that have strip guards installed, so they don’t have to be adjusted,” Mainville said.

5 year-old girl killed in fall from 4-story window

Apparently, a growing number of landlords have outfitted their high-rise apartments with protective windows. Holyoke parent Stephanie Orria told 22News that she once lived in a fourth-floor apartment, whose lack of window locks put her children at risk. Her new apartment, however, has safety locks on the windows.

“I feel comfortable I have them on my windows. I feel comfortable that my kids are not in danger,” Orria said.

Experts advise that families with small children living in high rise apartments that don’t yet have the safety lock feature, to make certain that windows are kept clear of furniture. A child can climb furniture to reach a window.